Obedio Internet Services

– a multifaceted organisation with internet users in mind.

JELLED WiFi is part of the Obedio Internet Services group. This particular facet is one of five and aims to provide world class WiFi connectivity to both commercial and domestic consumers.

It doesn’t stop with WiFi. Obedio prides itself on services from broadband to data calls, SIM only deals to SoGEA – and more!

Our Other Facets:

NotSpot Broadband:

Providing high-speed broadband in unlikely locations. Our service exploits the Uk’s finest technologies to ensure our customers can remain connected wherever they may be. So, if you’re relocating or have grown tired of your current providers poor speeds then NotSpot Broadband is here to help.


The cloud-based phone system which allows you to work from anywhere! VoIP uses data rather than a physical phone line – meaning you literally can work from home or on the go. Stay connected with colleagues, clients and family during these testing times. Fully manageable and fully personalised.

Upbyte Fibre:

You can now have fibre or SoGEA in locations you wouldn’t think possible. Don’t put up with slow internet when you can have lightning fast speeds.


SIM only deals to suit you. Whether you need a simple, affordable one month deal or something more – we have the options for you. Visit us and discover all our deals!