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At JELLED we only install with methods and equipment that we have tried and trust enough that we would use them ourselves. This also allows us to have maximum knowledge around the equipment/ install method that we implemen. Allowing us to give you full peace of mind that your WiFi Install is going to be completed with maximum quality and effectiveness. We deliver a complete range of services to ensure the high-performance WiFi network your users expect. From initial planning to design, implementation, and support, count on JELLED as your dependable partner for a future-proof network.

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We address all your WiFi issues! Envision a life with flawless WiFi.

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Jelled will troubleshoot, design and fully mange your WiFi set up to make sure you can achieve the perfect WiFi


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Jelled WiFi Consultation

At Jelled we only use our own engineers, meaning you have full access to a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers 

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Jelled offer fully fledged tech support through our Helpdesk/ support team and our ability to monitor your tech remotely 

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Robust connectivity

Receive the highest levels of security for your network thanks to the latest firmware technology. Full data encryption across all access points gives the ability to withstand attacks and any other networking failures. The safest WiFi solutions.


JELLED WiFi solutions, provide a cost effective cloud based management system with enhanced security frameworks for no additional cost. Eradicate the need for a team of technicians with this efficient solution.


JELLED is a fully scalable WiFi solution which allows your network to cope with the ever increasing demands of modern internet consumers. Grow your business effortlessly without the need for redeployment.


Receive the highest levels of security for your network thanks to the latest firmware technology. Full data encryption across all access points gives the ability to withstand attacks and any other networking failures..

Multi-level access

Grant permissions to only those who have the clearance. Multi-level access is essential for enterprise-grade operations needing to limit network access for security purposes.

Unified network

Simplify your IT infrastructure without the need to create additional network levels. A unified network allows for multiple installations in one deployment without compromise.


Jelled was established with the belief that achieving flawless wireless connectivity is attainable. We’ve assembled a dedicated team of engineers and cabling experts. Collaborating with leading enterprise solution providers, we hold certifications for the deployment and support of these cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, our service team is equipped to provide an extensive range of ongoing support programs. We are a business that is big enough to cope, but small enough to care.

Yes, Jelled provides end-to-end project lifecycle support, spanning from the initial design phase to deployment and ongoing support. We specialise in structured cabling, along with the installation and deployment of hardware sourced from industry-leading vendors.

Yes. We offer a warranty on all our structured cabling installations. This includes CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7/A and fibre optic deployments. Giving enough time to ensure there are no issues at all with the equipment installed.

All of our installs are carefully tailored to suit the specific circumstances, as we understand everyone has different needs but yes we install enterprise grade WiFi management systems across the UK.

Yes all of our Obedio products allow access to a team of highly skilled engineers and support staff, who are always happy to help with any issues/ enquiries of any size.

Jelled cover all areas of the UK.

Wi-Fi 7 stands as the latest evolution in WiFi technology, surpassing the current standard of 802.11ax WiFi (Wi-Fi 6). This advanced standard builds upon and enhances the features introduced by Wi-Fi 6. Offering even faster data transfer speeds, Wi-Fi 7 is particularly designed to deliver superior performance in densely populated or congested areas.

The advancements in Wi-Fi 7 are achieved through more efficient data encoding, leading to increased throughput. This means that more data can be efficiently packed into the same radio waves, leveraging powerful chips for encoding and decoding signals to handle the additional data load effectively.

Notably, Wi-Fi 7 extends its enhancements to the 2.4 GHz band as well. Despite the industry’s shift towards 5GHz Wi-Fi to minimise interference, Wi-Fi 7 ensures improved speeds on the 2.4GHz band. This is particularly advantageous as the 2.4GHz frequency is known for its ability to penetrate solid objects, contributing to a more versatile and robust wireless experience.

What our clients say

Jelled installed a WiFi management system for our offices, and it’s been a game-changer. The team’s expertise is top-notch – they recommended a tailored solution. Installation was a breeze, clean and organised. The professionalism and attention to detail were evident throughout. What stands out is their ongoing support. The service team is always there to address any questions. Our Wi-Fi now boasts faster speeds and improved performance, especially in high-traffic areas – Alex Turner ‘2023

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We address all your WiFi issues! Envision a life with flawless WiFi.

0333 322 3434