cloud-based VoIP system

What are the top benefits of a cloud-based VoIP system?

It’s a great time to consider switching over to a cloud-based VoIP system from your existing telephony system. Numerous benefits can help any holdout or doubter from making the switch, and it will help to provide a robust yet flexible phone system for you and the whole office.

It’s a huge cost saving

Phone rates completely change when switching over to a cloud-based VoIP system. You’ll end up getting numerous free local numbers and toll-free numbers to use. In addition, if you need to go international, there are reduced rates that are possible, all due to the fact that the phone system itself is using the internet instead of directly using the phone lines.

Speaking of using the internet, that means there’s a lot less cost on specific hardware or PBX systems. But, again, this is because you’re able to use a multitude of options, including your own smartphone, to be able to connect to this cloud-based system, helping to reduce those initial setup costs.

cloud-based VoIP system

Easy to set up and maintain | Cloud-based VoIP System

Initial setup is much faster than traditional phone systems. It’s all through a virtual platform, and even when adding (or reducing) numbers due to staff changes, it doesn’t require the physical construction of a new phone line. Just a simple additional registration online, and it’s all good to go and use. Any technical maintenance can be handled by your provider off-site. In many cases, they are able to install small fixes and updates without any interruption to the phone system overall.

For those remote-based teams, it’s still easy to set up with the work-from-home crew, as it will just require a software installation or login, and those staff members can be reached from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

It comes feature-rich

While it actually ends up costing less in many situations, cloud-based VoIP doesn’t lack the services that it provides. So whether you’re looking for call forwarding or call recording, or you want to have your voicemails sent as text or emails, it’s all possible with this feature-rich option. This includes the ability to put in virtual assistance as well as set up digital queuing systems during heavier periods of calls without any type of complex user interaction or high costs.

As new features come out, they are seamlessly integrated by your provider at no or minimal extra cost, with a user-first mentality to ensure the easiest learning curve.

Work with an expert provider

The best way to get yourself transitioned into a cloud-based VoIP system is to work with a local expert and get any questions you have answered as soon as possible. Then it’s simply about scheduling the right time and seeing how this should have been done a lot sooner to build a more robust, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution without the hassles that come from traditional PBX systems.

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